Running shoes are what makes us travel smoothly through miles of asphalt, single tracks, forest and rocky ridges. They are made to enable ourselves to unleash our potential and move better, every day. They are really important to our health and our performance.
Through their lifetime they endure many shocks and their durability depends on factors such as: weight, running style, terrain and the use they are put trough.
Generally running shoes lasts between 300 – 500 miles (450 – 800km) depending on the model and materials used along with the above factors.
That doesn’t mean that at 500 miles every pair should be considered finished, as that will ultimately depend on each personal case and your own feeling on when that pair is still able to serve you.
As an example, a style like the Superior is designed to be fast and responsive, great for shorter runs and easier trail, so it won’t naturally have the same durability of Olympus, which is designed for longer runs and rougher terrains.
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