Men's Casual Shoes: our approach

Altra Running offers you a collection of men's casual shoes that is the result of an innovative approach, responding to the desire to overcome the limitations of traditional models and create products that meet the everyday needs of the modern man. Explore our creations and choose the men's casual shoes that suit you best!

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Our vision for men's sports shoes

Men's sports shoes push the boundaries of sports activity, bridging the gap with everyday life: not only do they ensure maximum comfort throughout the day, they are easily adaptable to the most varied outfits. Our men's casual shoes meet a number of key criteria: they are the ideal choice for those who find themselves doing a lot of walking, they stand up to everyday challenges and can complete any look with a modern touch.

Like all of our men's shoes, our street footwear is designed with attention to detail, able to adapt to the movement of the feet and ensure an unparalleled walking experience. We use high quality materials to ensure optimal support and a feeling of continuous lightness. With the FootShape™ toe cap and a drop from zero to low, our shoes allow a fluid, stable gait, while the breathable material ensures an optimal inner microclimate, keeping your feet cool and dry even on the hottest days.Men's Casual Everyday Shoes

Men's Casual Everyday Shoes

Comfort and practicality are for every day footwear, not just for running shoes. That is why the collection offers comfortable men's footwear designed for a walk in the park, a day at the office or an informal evening with friends, making it an essential item in the modern man's wardrobe.

Visit our store and choose the men's casual shoes you've always been looking for!

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